1. Intro Animation -  Academy students learn 2-D and 3-D software, character design, animatics, character design and modeling. Students learn aspects of the principles of animation, pose to pose, tweening, squash & stretch, scene development and more ! Academy students learn 2D and 3D software, character design, animatics, character design and modeling ( comic book design required or previous animation course required ) Intro to Animation AN01INT-LIVE !View Instructor Video  

  2. Advanced Animation Academy students learn the technical aspects of Maya 3-D software, Adobe Animate and complex character movements in an environment that is rigged, created and deployed by them. Students learn how to render and deploy their work for publication and sale. SURVIVAL TOOL KIT PURCHASE REQUIRED -       

  3. Comic Book Design Foundations -  Academy students learn the foundations of creating a comic character and how to pencil ink and color in the Marvel Style of comic book creation. Academy students learn story synopsis, character development and story boarding. CBBO2-LIVE

  4. Drawing & illustration  - Academy students learn basic anatomy, life drawing, gesture drawing value system by talented graduates of SCAD Atlanta, Academy instructors will teach you the value of strong drawing techniques, perfect for aspiring illustrators.   LDIL01-LIVE View Instructor Video

  5. Homeschoolers - .  Homeschoolers learn a dynamic course in comic book art & production, storyboarding and the anthology of Marvel Comics. Enrichment tutorials in comic art. This is a great course for homeschoolers ( verification of home student program required ) . TO BE DETERMINED




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Amario's Art Academy for the Gifted and Talented,  Comics, Animation Design School for Grades 3-12 !  Since 2005   (404) 559-1695


Amario's Art Academy for the Gifted & Talented 
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